Starcoin Developer Documents

Starcoin is a Layered Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Blockchain System.


Starcoin’s roadmap


Starcoin’s main features.


This article guides you on how to install starcoin.Starcoin support windows/Mac/Linux.

Build from Source

Build starcoin from source.

Run/Join Network

starcoin is used to start a local network or join a starcoin network. Running a local network or join test network makes it easier to test and debug your code changes. You can use the CLI command dev to compile, publish, and execute Move programs on your local network or test network.

First Transaction

This article guides you on how to execute your first transaction on the starcoin blockchain. Before that, I recommend you read tech-related articles to get some idea of the basic concepts of starcoin.

Deploy Move Contract

This article guides you on how to compile and deploy a Move contract to the starcoin blockchain.

User Defined Token

This is a example for How to define user custom Token on starcoin blockchain.


Some technical documentation about starcoin.

Key Concepts

This document briefly describes the key concepts of the Starcoin protocol.