Starcoin Developer Documents

Starcoin is a Layered Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Blockchain System.


Starcoin’s roadmap


Starcoin’s main features.


This article guides you on how to install starcoin.Starcoin support windows/Mac/Linux.

Build from Source

Build starcoin from source.

Run by docker
Pull docker image docker pull starcoin/starcoin:latest the starcoin binary at /starcoin dir in docker image. If you want to run a special version, just pull by tag, such as v0.9.3 docker pull starcoin/starcoin:v0.9.3 Run starcoin node Run proxima network node docker run --name starcoin -d --network host -v ~/.starcoin/:/root/.starcoin/ starcoin/starcoin:latest /starcoin/starcoin -n proxima Attach to console docker run --rm -it -v ~/.starcoin/:/root/.starcoin/ starcoin/starcoin:latest /starcoin/starcoin --connect ~/.starcoin/proxima/starcoin.ipc console More detail about run a network node see Run/Join Network.
Run/Join Network

starcoin is used to start a local network or join a starcoin network. Running a local network or join test network makes it easier to test and debug your code changes. You can use the CLI command dev to compile, publish, and execute Move programs on your local network or test network.

Using the starcoin console
There are two ways to use starcoin’s console, one is to enter the console at the same time as the node starts. The following command will start a dev node and enter the console: starcoin -n dev console The following command will start a proxima node and enter the console. starcoin -n proxima console If started this way, the console and the node are in the same process, and if the console exits, the node will also exit automatically.
First Transaction

This article guides you on how to execute your first transaction on the starcoin blockchain. Before that, I recommend you read tech-related articles to get some idea of the basic concepts of starcoin.

Run custom chain network

starcoin supports run a user-defined blockchain network, allowing users to build private chain for testing or development.

Deploy Move Contract

This article guides you on how to compile and deploy a Move contract to the starcoin blockchain.

User Defined Token

This is a example for How to define user custom Token on starcoin blockchain.

Formal Verification

Introduce to Move’s formal verification tool


starcoin_miner Command line tools are used to remotely connect to starcoin nodes and provide mining capabilities.

Upgrade module with Dao

Starcoin support upgrade module by DAO.


Some technical documentation about starcoin.

Account management
The Starcoin node has a built-in decentralized wallet that allows users to manage their accounts through account api and commands. When the node starts, a default account is automatically created with an empty password. The default can be changed via account commands. The following commands require a connection to the console, see Using the starcoin console. 1. The account create command allows you to create an account starcoin% account create -p my-pass +------------+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | address | 0x8d885d806c14654832aa371c3c980153 | +------------+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | is_default | false | +------------+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | public_key | 0xf0a2cee9d7c85a40f3f217782b449fab9ba73fa11ab210f11d12305fdf57b908 | +------------+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ The account show command allows you to view the account status starcoin% account show 0x8d885d806c14654832aa371c3c980153 +--------------------+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | account.
Key Concepts

This document briefly describes the key concepts of the Starcoin protocol.